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A brainstorming meeting was organized by the International CCN Society

on April 4th, 2022  in Nice France

This meeting was aimed to discuss proposals of the ICCNS to organize joint meetings and foster interactions with other scientific and medical societies sharing our interest in all aspects of cellular communication. 

The major goal of the non-profit ARBIOCOM (Association for Research on Biosignaling and Communication) is to foster the reunion of scientific societies members interested in cellular signaling at all levels, including: cellular signal transduction, intercellular communication, communication with the microenvironment, but also remote communication involving soluble circulating factors, hormones, extracellular vesicles, and communication between cells and organs in response to bacterial and viral infection.
The brainstorming meeting members examined the possibility of sharing our views and take this unique opportunity to join our efforts and develop new comprehensive approaches, in a friendliness environment.

Thanks to the very productive intellectual blending and positive personal interactions that occurred during this meeting, it was agreed that the ARBIOCOM would provide the ground for a federation of societies and their journals into a “network”, where each society remains independent entities, in order to promote collaborative research in cell signaling and communication, in healthy and pathological processes and disseminate new research findings via publication and via formal and informal meetings.

A steering Committee was set up

Chair : Bernard Perbal

Carlo Croce

Ali Mobasheri

Representatives  from:

the Bristish Society of Matrix Biology

the International Society of Matrix Biology

Editors in chief of JCCS and CCS

Aims to Task Force

Prepare drafts of the ARBIOCOM boards

Prepare the first ARBIOCOM meeting