Social Events

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We are pleased to provide our members with an overview of the social events that were offered to the attendees of the CCN Workshop since the inception of these succesful meetings

The first workshop was held in Saint-Malo, France, with the support of several private and academic sources. Gradually, althought the field developed, and gave rise to potential clinical applcations, the sponsoring vanished and the ICCNS was the only one financial source to keep our workshop alive.

The participation of a solid core of colleagues who appreciated our way of sharing good science and good time, was a wonderlful support to our continued efforts.

In the following pages, we have selected a few examples of great moments that we are happy to share with our past and new members who are welcome to renew their membership.

The first CCN WORKSHOP (2000) Saint-malo, France

View of the Fort National, from the Sillon

CCN WORKSHOP 2002 Saint-Malo, France

Walking tour, from the Baie de Genêt to the Mont Saint-Michel

CCN WORKSHOP 2004 Saint-Malo, France

CCN family picture at the Palais du Grand Large

CCN WORKSHOP 2006 Ushimado, Japan

Okayama Garden, Ushimado Limani Hotel and Fireworks to celebrate the end of meeting

CCN WORKSHOP 2010 Newcastle, Northern Ireland


NICE, France

CCNworkshop participants at the Castle site