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The Nuts and Bolts section welcome methods-oriented manuscripts, that address technical aspects of general interest and focus on timely matters of interest for the scientific community.

This is also a place where investigators can post technical or methodological questions, and where others can provide answers. For example, if you want to do a motility assay and are not familiar with how to do them you can post the question and anyone who wishes to provide help can respond on the website. We appreciate that it is a time-consuming service to provide such information, and we will do our best to see that all technical comments or discussions find their way to online publication.


August 2008

  • Enzymes Used In Molecular Biology: A Useful Guide (L. Rittié and B. Perbal)

March 2009

  • A rapid and Sensitive Method for Measuring Cell Adhesion (W. Lu, L. McCallum and A. E. Irvine)

January 2014

  • Patentability of computer programs (B. Perbal)

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