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Springer Scholarships for the 8th ICCNS Meeting

Springer Scholarships for the 5th ICCNS Meeting

About the Scholarships

Springer and the International CCN Society are happy to announce that up to three Scholarships will be given to undergraduate and graduate students for presenting their work at the International Workshops on the CCN Family of Genes.

The total amount provided by Springer for these scholarships is 1500 Euros (presently 2100 USD). The amount that will be allocated to the selected recipients will depend upon the number of scholarships that will be given.

The scholarships will be paid directly to the International CCN Society (ICCNS) to cover the meeting registration fees of the three selected individuals.

Travel expenses are not covered by the scholarships.

Guidelines for Application

Each applicant must submit an abstract of the work to be presented at the meeting (see format for abstract presentation that will be posted on the ICCNS website, under "meeting informations"). The abstract should be sent electronically to the President of the ICCNS at A letter of support from a mentor (who must be a member of the ICCNS) sponsoring the abstract must be sent with the abstract.

ICCNS Silver, Gold and Platinum members can sponsor more than one abstract.

In the case of multiple applications from by the same laboratory, only one applicant can be selected to obtain an award.

Deadline for application will be published on the ICCNS Web site, usually 2-3 month before the meeting date.

Selection of Recipients

The scholarships are given to undergraduate students to help them attending the International CCN Workshop.

Step 1.
Selection of the abstracts will be performed by the members of the ICCNS Council, on the basis of originality and novelty.
The Head of the ICCNS Council will provide the President of the ICCNS with a list of 5 names ranked in order (from top to bottom).

Step 2.
The selected applicants will present their work, during the Workshop, either in a regular session, or in the poster session.
The presentations will be critically reviewed by the members of the ICCNS Council.
The name of the students winning the scholarships will be announced during the meeting.

Application for a Scholarship should be made with the understanding that the applicant will be attending the 8th International Workshop on the CCN family of Genes for the whole meeting time. The scholarships recipients will contribute a manuscript (review or original research) for publication in the Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling and will agree to provide a short summary for inclusion in the Meeting proceedings.