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Who are we?

IWelcome to ICCNS


The family of six regulatory proteins designated by the CCN acronym [for Connective tissue growth factor (CTGF), Cystein-rich protein (Cyr61) and Nephroblastoma overexpressed (nov)] is involved in fundamental biological processes such as cell adhesion and migration, angiogenesis, development and signaling in normal and pathological conditions.

It is important that both research teams who are new comers and leaders in this field meet on a regular basis to discuss future prospects and unify their efforts in order for the CCN field to become highly interactive.

The International CCN Society (ICCNS) has been created in 2001 after the First International Workshop on the CCN Family of Genes held in St Malo, 17-19 October, 2000. The ICCNS welcomes you.


The main goals of the society are to:

  • Provide comprehensive information related to the field of the CCN genes and proteins.
  • Facilitate and organize the CCN workshops and other related meetings.
  • Facilitate and promote the distribution of reagents among the CCN community.
  • Promote contacts with others scientific societies.
  • Provide help, suggestions and recommendations for nomenclature.
  • Provide a forum for discussion and interaction.
  • Provide support for information on "open" and "wanted" positions
  • Promote the dissemination of scientific information through the publication of the Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling.


The International CCN Society is a non-profit association.

The Executive Board of the International CCN Society is in charge of the representation, and administration of the ICCNS. It is the interlocutor of Springer Science + Business Media for JCCS and International meetings affairs.

It is comprised of:

The Council of the International CCN Society  is acting as an advisory committee to help the executive board in taking decisions regarding the scientific organization of the Society. It is in charge of representing the ICCNS at the scientific administration levels and promoting the scientific connections between the ICCNS and JCCS. 

The Council members represent the ICCNS in various international meetings organized by other scientific societies. The council reports to the ICCNS Executive Board.

Members of the Council include
  •  Lester Lau (Head of the Council),
  • Andrew Leask (JCCS Pathology and Translational Research Section Editor),
  • Sathoshi Kubota (JCCS Molecular Signaling Section Editor)
  • David Brigstock ((JCCS Review Editor ).

  • The Scientific Board of the International CCN Society is in charge of proposing and reviewing the operations of the ICCNS from a scientific angle. 

    Lester Lau has been nominated President of the Scientific Board starting Nov. 1st 2015, as the mandate of the former President is ending this year at the time of the ICCNS workshop.

    After consultations with members of the IICNS, and in order to initiate contacts and stimulate interactions between the ICCNS and other scientific societies, the  President of the Scientific Board and the President of the Executive Board have commissioned colleagues who kindly accepted to act as  ICCNS official contacts with societies relevant to their field of interest.

    On behalf of the ICCNS, we are pleased to present the members of the ICCNS liaisons group.

    Rob Baxter : liaison for the IGF and IGFBPs societies

    David Brigstock : liaison for Hepathology societies

    Gary Fisher: liaison for Skin societies

    Roel Goldschmeding : liaison for the Kidney societies

    Sandra Irvine : liaison for Hematology societies

    Satoshi Kubota : liaison for Bone and Cartilage societies

    Andrew Leask : liaison for Fibrosis and Cancer societies

    Karen Lyons : liaison for the Orthopeadics societies

    Joanne Murphy-Ullrich : liaison for the American Society for Matrix Biology

    Kim Midwood : liaison for the British Society for Matrix Biology

    Stephen Twigg : liaison for Diabetes and other Metabolism societies 

    The President and Treasurer of the ICCNS are permanent members of the Scientific Board

    Advisory Scientific Board :

    Hävard Attramadal, John Castellot, Ken-Ichi Katsube, Kunimasa Ohta, Katia Scotlandi, Ulf Smith, Masaharu Takigawa, Philip Trackman, Akira Yamaguchi, Herman Yeger (JCCS Bits and Bytes Editor)

    Communication Support Team:

    Honorary Membership

    Honorary Membership is offered to distinguished individuals who have made highly recognized contributions to the scientific community.
    The Honorary members are invited by the President of the ICCNS. There membership is not limited in time and they are not requested to pay registration fees.
    Members of the ICCNS can recommend candidates for this prestigious type of membership, on the basis of outstanding research activity or exceptional leadership.Nominations will be examined by members of the ICCNS scientific committee and external advisors who will be selected by the President of the ICCNS.
    Honorary Membership is offered by the President of ICCNS to all Recipients of the ICCNS-Springer Award.
    Honorary members :
    Professor Paul Bornstein (2008-2013),
    Professor Edward Calabrese,
    Professor Robert Baxter
    Professor Carlo Croce 
    Professor Judith Campisi  

    How to join us

    Please go the membership page for details of how to join the ICCNS.